How we work

Carole works with schools, their leaders, teachers and support staff to help them provide the best environment for learning. David works with coaches mentors and executives to help them best facilitate the performance, well-being and learning of those they work with. Two very different fields…

And yet our philosophies are not so different. We believe in learning through enjoyment and engagement and looking for the best in those we work with. We believe that those we work with are able, and are committed to doing the best they can. We believe they want to do this in a way that is consistent with their values.

We each have expertise in our own fields, but we believe that much of the development of those we work can and should come from them. Everybody is an individual. One size does not fit all. We work with people to help them establish their way of making the best contribution they can.

We also believe that the worlds of management and of education are tough, conflicted, subject to a range of rapidly changing political and other demands. There is real value for those we work with in taking time out to reflect.

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