Business Coaching & Consulting

How I can help

I am a coach and mentor, and also supervise coaches and mentors. Both are underpinned by training, accreditation and extensive experience. I assist in the preparation of applications for EMCC awards, drawing on my experience of assessing and developing them. I facilitate action learning groups.

I believe in learning through enjoyment and engagement and looking for the best in those I work with. I believe that those I work with are able, and are committed to doing the best they can. I believe they want to do this in a way that is consistent with their values.

I believe that much of the development of those I work can and should come from them. Everybody is an individual. One size does not fit all. I work with people to help them establish their way of making the best contribution they can.

I also believe that the worlds of management and of education are tough, conflicted, subject to a range of rapidly changing political and other demands. There is real value for those I work with in taking time out to reflect.

I draw on my experience of executive management of public, private and not-for-profit sectors, work with government and assessment, for HR, Quality and coaching/mentoring awards.

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